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Federica Zamparini language consultant

My language pairs include Italian, my mother tongue, English, which I started learning as a child, and French, that I first came to know at school.

My curiosity and the will to experience different cultures pushed me to travel, to go on study vacations and to obtain a degree in translation and interpreting. Moreover, I studied German and Spanish at a basic level.

Writing has always been one of my passions, together with foreign languages. That’s how I came across translation. I also work as a language consultant and, from 2013, as an English and French teacher.



Translation is not an exact science. Beyond knowledge and skills, each translator has their own style and aptitudes.

Morevoer, it is crucial to master the language you’re translating into, this is why a translator should be a native speaker. This does not mean his or her eductaion is poor. Despite learning, it is hard to emulate the nuances of folk wisdom. However, it is sometimes possible to translate into a foreign language,but only after careful examination of the text and of the audience you are addressing to.

My fields of specialization include:

  • Publishing : articles, press releases, literature
  • IT / Technology : reviews, guides, PCs, devices, OS
  • Web : websites, strings for apps and games, source code
  • General : general content (non technical)




Like translation, teaching can be considered a vocation. It is crucial for a teacher to have direct contact with his or her students – of any age and kind - if he or she wants to impart knowledge.

I offer language courses for adults and tutoring for students.

More in depth, my courses focus on:

  • Grammar
  • Literature
  • Comprehension
  • Oral skills
  • Linguistic mediation




As for translation, rates vary according to texts (eg. topic, difficulty). A standard rate per word is applied to the whole amount of words, to which an extra charge can be added.

For quotes or more information on my services: [email protected] .

Translation portfolio



Translation of articles, interviews, and reviews for the Italian version of the following magazines:

  • PC World Italy (technology), Play Lifestyle Media publishing
  • Empire Italy (cinema), Funfactory entertainment and Colors and Gold entertainment publishing
  • T3 Italy (technology & lifestyle), Play Media Company publishing
  • Official PlayStation Magazine Italy (videogames), Play Media Company publishing
  • Game Republic (videogames), Play Media Company publishing


Translation into Italian of:

  • Racconti dal focolare – Gli inediti di Charles Dickens (collection of short novels), 2012, SBF Narcissus  www.dickens-racconti.it
  • Sir Rohan’s Ghost (novel) by Harriet Prescott Spofford, 2011, Società Editrice Montecovello  www.montecovello.com

Technology & Web

Translation into Italian of:

  • technical reviews, guides, and articles in partnership with Marco Bianchi
  • press releases for Acer in partnership with Federico Cociancich
  • cPanel platform for Protech Studio
  • strings for apps and games in partnership with Get Localization


Translation of texts into English for the following websites:

  • Eventualmente Organizzazione Eventi
  • Janusped srl


Email & Social networking

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